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COMADEXO was created in 2011 to transform the trade of exotic wood in Portugal.

COMADEXO is wood importer. We are proud of trading the best wood products, at the best price.

We are the choice of clients from all along Portugal because we provide personalized services and close sales follow up.

We envision to consolidate our position in this market through the provision of high quality products and innovative solutions to

prespond to a wide variety of needs.

natural woods

The wood is a product of nature. It makes possible to provide a wide variety of patterns and tonal colors. This diversity provides you confidence based on distinct beauty and identity.
COMADEXO markets a wide range of wood species from Africa, America and Europe.

COMADEXO offers dozens of species of wood. You can find them in the shape of timber, logs, and lumber.
Natural wood is the product of choice for carpentry, floors, furniture manufacturing and decorative pieces, giving the final product a level of excellence.

COMADEXO is environmental responsible. COMADEXO ensures the commercialization of only timber from sustainable growth, meeting the requirements set by international standards.


COMADEXO sells logs of great quality, being extremely demanding in the selection of the best product to respond to the client exigence.


COMADEXO provides sawn timber under length, width and thickness make to order to adequately suit the final product, avoiding unnecessary waste of wood.


COMADEXO supplies timber lumber in a wide variety of measures depending upon the client needs. The measures of these rectangular sectioned pieces will vary to suit the client purpose


Solid wood flooring provides a special refinement to any floor. COMADEXO commercializes the most varied types of floor with different characteristics, namely color, shaft and texture, with a stability and durability superior to other types of pavement.